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Stuart Kaplow

Stuart Kaplow

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05/30/18 07:33 PM #8    

Glenn Gimbut


I hear you.  Remember my mother was a teacher at CHHS so the pressure was on me to be a good student.  Had a chemistry teacher who also taught Russian.  She left for Cleveland Hopkins Airport one half hour after finals and claimed I got a D on the final.  My mother thought I did not study and it was something I must have done wrong.  I kept claiming she could grade all those exams that fast.  The next year in the teacher's lunch room she heard this lady say the reason I got the D was because I was not popular enough and other kids did not like me.  My mother dumped her lunch on her and hit her with the tray.  She called me at college to tell me. 

05/31/18 08:58 AM #9    

Denise Boges (Wilkens)


That is absolutely horrible!  I believe in praising those who are true to their profession.  It takes a special kind of person to be a teacher.  So many have no business in that profession.  I don't think they realize how much damage they do to the learning process of young minds.


05/31/18 01:12 PM #10    

Naomi Goelman (Rosenfield)

I did not know Stuart but am so sorry to hear he has passed away.  However, I did take Russian senior year and also received a D3.  All the seniors in the class got D’s and at one point got sent to the office.  Our punishment was to eat lunch in the office for a week.  



05/31/18 04:45 PM #11    

Martha Shultz (Liao)

My deepest condolences to the family of Stuart Kaplow. He was, as I recall, a kind young man with a good heart. I hope his blessed memory will be a comfort in the days ahead. 

My Mom also taught at CHHS. Mrs Eve Shultz. American History and social problems. Room 232. She started in 1955 and retired in 1982. 


Marty Shultz Liao

05/31/18 05:10 PM #12    

David Tobin

Wow -- ancient grievances die hard. Here's to the countless teachers whose dedication, hard work (for precious little pay), and wisdom have benefited so many of us. Rest in peace, Stuart Kaplow.     

06/01/18 09:22 AM #13    

Mark Wachter

My condolences to Stuart's family.

Classmates- this website has a page for User Forums. Perhaps comments unrelated to memorial comments can continue there.

Mark Wachter

06/02/18 08:06 AM #14    

Michael Amato

Thank you, Mark. Your comment was greatly needed. Thanks for putting the focus and thoughts back onto Stuart and his family,

06/03/18 09:50 AM #15    

Dennis Vidmar

Like all of you, I barely knew Stuart as a "nodding acquaintance" during our years at CHHS.  Teachers were/are pivotal. To state a truism, every one of us can relate good or bad incidents involving teachers that were formative, in ways positive and in ways negative.  Henry Adams got it right:  "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." While most of the time, this quotation is used to provide inspiration to those who teach. The reverse twist of this quotation is sometimes all too frequently forgotten or purposefully ignored; that a poor teacher (or one that is not appropriate for a particular type of student) can be devastating. As we age, many of us ponder the influences of the men and women who populated the "Village" that raised each of us. Certainly, teachers were amongst them. Even today, I vividly recall the "Magnificent Seven" teachers in the CH-UH system that encouraged and inspired, even during some pretty tough academic and personal times. I stay in touch with one of them today and have thanked him. While I did not particularly "like" him at the time, I respected him and saw the value of his style and content with the passage of the years. Like all of you, I also recall the "schleppers" who barely did their job, if at all and merely "went throught the motions". These experiences. ended up prepating each of us for similar highs and lows of teaching, mentorship and leadership that we experienced in higher education, military service, corporate leadership and the like. While none of us seems to know the ultimate outcome for Stuart, we all certainly hope that he rebounded from this experience, to find happiness and fulfillment despite encountering adversity. Zichrano L'Verachah!

06/04/18 12:00 PM #16    

Bobbi Spiegler

Condolences to Stuart's family. May he rest in peace. I did not know Stuart well but I would hope he lived a wonderful and very full life.
And thank you Mark Wachter for your comments.
Bobbi Spiegler

06/04/18 03:24 PM #17    

Denise Boges (Wilkens)

I would like to apologize to the family of Stuart Kaplow and my classmates for my insensitive comments on this page dedicated to the passing of our classmates.


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