Alan Feigenbaum

Profile Updated: July 25, 2018
Alan Feigenbaum
Residing In: Chapel Hill, NC USA
Yes! Attending Reunion

Mixed career starting out towards becoming an actuary and then getting a Masters in Management Science and doing analyical work for the former Bell System, then doing freelance technical writing and freelance personal-finance writing (including a few books). Some teaching at the high school and community college along the way. Was able to be a very involved parent due to my fortune in having a wonderful wife who (unlike me) had a very stable (albeit stressful) career with IBM.

Have maintained designation as a Certified Financial Planner and now exploring a way of providing free low-cost not-for-profit financial-planning support to lower/middle income individuals and families. In the way of recreation, have been a long-distance runner for about 15 years -- probably saving my life starting 50-surplus pounds ago. Also had a period of intense duplicate-bridge tournament competition with some modest tournament-event winning success (and still play -- mostly online) -- but nothing like the accomplishments of fellow classmates Mark Feldman (considered a true-expert American player), ex-pat Bob Richman, member of Australia's national team before he tragically died in middle age) , and Jon Sorkin. I used to kibbutz a lunchtime bridge table in the cafeteria where they and brilliant Louis Kornhauser (who apparently had the good sense to focus his keen intellect in the legal/academic profession) comprised the core foursome.

School Story:

The (one) time I hosted our school's version of the College Bowl and started by asking the answer instead of the question.

The time I was about to mix hydrochloric and sufuric acids during a chemistry experiment and the teacher (can't remember his name saw what I was about to do and demonstrated unexpected athleticism in racing to stop me just in the nick of time. Also, the time in that same chemistry class I left the water running in filling a container for an oxygen experiment while I gathered the reagents and it overflowed the sink.