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Mark Gurney

Mark Gurney

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06/09/14 11:41 AM #1    

Ron Fierman

Mark was a good friend, and a great father with two very accomplished daughters who I know think of him often.

He truly followed his own path with a fierce level of independence. He never quite found the "easy button" (nor did I think he looked for it)  but it made for an interesting life, though much too short, with careers paths in municipal maintenance (the opera singing sanitation guy, a degreed religious official, and highly skilled electrician among those I remember

Mark, your friends and family think of you often.

Ron Fierman '68









06/10/14 10:05 PM #2    

Debby Baron (Botnick)


What a beautiful tribute to a lovely man.  Mark was always kind, forthright, and without guile. You're right, he left us way too young.


06/11/14 01:59 PM #3    

Marc Levin

I only hope when I go I have someone to write the type of kind words Ron has written about Mark.  I knew him enough to say hello but didn't hang out with him and yet, as each additional class member falls away, I can't help but feel a loss and a piece of me disappearing with them.

Debbie, when you say "too young" here we are in our mid-sixties which we consider to still be in the prime of life compared with our grandparents generation when sixty-four was truely old.  I think we are getting to the spooky part of life when we will be losing a lot of good friends. Living in California and with little family left in Ohio, I rarely see 'old friends' which is why I always look forward to the class reunions, that are decreasing in attendence at a scary pace. I only hope the two of you and so many others will be there at the next one as it might be the last one before the sadness of those lost becomes greater than the joy of seeing the ones that remain.

"I wish, I wish, I wish in vain
That we could sit simply in that room again
Ten thousand dollars at the drop of a hat
I'd give it all gladly if our lives could be like that."

Bob Dylan's Dream

06/12/14 11:52 AM #4    

Glenn Gimbut

I truly appreciate the comments above.  Marc, yours truly hits home for me since I have made my life in the West as well.  I did not know Mark Gurney well in high school.  But having made my career in municipal government, I can truly appreciate the phrase "the opera singing sanitation guy" and know that he was well liked, appreciated, and served his community well.  God speed. 

06/12/14 05:25 PM #5    

Carole Hyman (Mason)


Although I did not know Mark in recent years, I know your comments were sincere and from the heart. Sadly, I know first hand how much thoughtful comments like yours mean when a loved one dies.  I am sure his family  and friends appreciate and treasure your beautiful tribute. 

06/14/14 06:58 PM #6    

Marilyn "Picky" Segal (Heasley)

I too did not know Mark well in school nor after school. But, a loss is still a loss and to be remembered by those from your past is truly a gift. Having lost my wonderful husband far too soon (at age 52), I know that the words of love and support from those who knew him meant more to me than those who provided them will ever know. They kept me going and keep me going to this day. I wish peace and serenity to his family.


Marilyn Segal (Picky) Heasley

06/15/14 10:08 AM #7    

Judith Waxler (Mintz)

I have such a difficult time when I read about another loss from our class.  I look back and see so much happiness and hectic running around as classmates with no worrries about the future and our lifespans.  So much has changed.  What a great guy Mark was and I'm so sorry that he has left us so early.  I still can't believe we are in our mid sixties some of us to be 65 soon.  Hard to swallow.  Much love and sympathy to Mark's family due to his untimely death.

06/16/14 01:16 AM #8    

Mark Filler

A distant cousin of mine, Mark was not someone I ever got to know very well, but from all your comments, I wish I had...


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