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Cliff Winter

Cliff Winter

The following was posted on facebook today


"It is with a deeply saddened heart that I am writing you about the death of my younger brother, Cliff. Cliff passed away yesterday afternoon, at peace, after suffering for many months with kidney cancer. Although optimistic for many months until the recent end, hospice eased his pain in the last 72 hours.

Ruth was there at all times, and has been amazing during this process and period. She has been and will continue as Cliff lover, wife, advocate, and best friend. My understanding is that Cliff will be cremated and did not want a formal ceremony. To honor his wishes, we will have a celebration of life event (family gathering and reunion) in Denver, Colorado around May 15. Exact dates and tiimes will be forthcoming.

We wish Ruth and the entire family our deepest condolences."

Bruce Winter


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04/19/17 01:52 PM #34    

Helene Siegel

It was so sad to hear the news, of the loss of Cliff Winters. I didn't know him well,

but knew him as a great athlete at Wiley and Heights. My profound condollences

to his wife, children and the rest of the Winter Family.

04/19/17 02:43 PM #35    

Abraham Moss

I didn't know Cliff very well but always admired him for his achievements on the field and in the classroom. Reading all the comments that don't seem to stop coming in confirms that Cliff was a talented and highly regarded classmate. My condolences to his immediate family, and his Heights family of friends.

Abe Moss

04/19/17 09:06 PM #36    

Joel Axelrod

Elaine and I were so sad to learn of Cliff's passing. Although we were not in contact recently, he was a good friend for many years. Cliff was truly a gentleman and a scholar to go along with his genuine personality and superb athletic ability. A number of years ago while in Denver on business I visited with Clif a couple times. He managed to whoop me in raquetball. He was also proud to show me pictures of himself riding his horse in cutting horse rodeos. He was a terrific person and will be remembered fondly.

04/21/17 09:11 PM #37    

Jane Glickman

Like so many of my classmates, I was deeply saddened to learn of Cliff's untimely passing.  We were good buddies at Heights and stayed in touch from time to time over the years.  He was kind and big-hearted and a "mensch" through and through.  Some of you may know this story from my days at OSU, when Woody Hayes walked me across the Oval when he saw me walking home alone from the library at midnight.  The Buckeyes were facing Northwestern that coming Saturday and I told Hayes to watch out for Cliff Winter, that he was a force to be reckoned with.  (I knew nothing about football or how good a player Cliff was but I had to say something about my high school friend now in the big 10!).  Whether it was true or not I'll never know, but Woody answered that he knew abourt Cliff and was watching him, and that our team was ready for the challenge.  Cliff got a big kick out of that story.   Rest in peace, my friend, and may his family find comfort in knowing how many lives he touched.

04/21/17 10:15 PM #38    

Karen Fine (Weinberger)

This makes me so sad, but I am so happy I could always call Cliff my friend.

04/22/17 11:49 AM #39    

Steve Goldscher

What a wonderful person he was, a gentleman on and off the field. I'm amazed I played varsity football with him, and had the experience of suiting up, listening to his sense of humor, and Cliff was always fearless. At a 190 pounds back then, I looked quite small next to Cliff.
We use to laugh at how a group of Jewish kids could win so many games.
I didn't have the joy of doing much with Cliff outside of school, but he was ahead of most. A gentleman and bright, he was constantly a joy to be with.
I'll truly miss cliff, his time came much too early.
My heart and sympathy goes to his family.

04/23/17 12:06 AM #40    

Tara Friedman (Beres)

I was surprised and very sad to hear of Cliff's passing.  My family lived in a two family home we shared with Cliffs family . I remember good times and ice cream parties.  My deepest condolences to his family. 

04/24/17 04:03 PM #41    

Jody Munstein (Heckenbach)

Remembering a gentle giant ~

04/24/17 09:23 PM #42    

Glenn Gimbut

The phrase a gentle giant seems so appropriate.  A wonderful person.  All the words that have been said about Cliff are so true.  The fact that he ended up here in the west and wanted to show off his cutting horse simply made me chuckle.  It reminded me that how our lives have turned out could not have been predicted as kids in high school.  (For you easterners, look up cutting horse and ask, is this something you could have seen anyone doing while at Heights High????  For me while I have represented my fair share of true cowboy country and true cattlemen, have gingerly watched my step in streets following a parade, have had a campfire of "buffalo chips", and have shown up visiting Cleveland in a thousand dollar stetson and crocodile skin custom boots, I have never owned a cutting horse.)  

My deep felt sympathy to Cliffs family.  He undoubtedly will be missed.  

05/24/17 07:09 PM #43    

Alan Davis

R.I.P. Chopper.  We'll all miss your smile.

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